Welcome to Cape Town Plastic Surgery

Several alluring qualities make Cape Town and South Africa difficult to resist for prospective plastic surgery patients. Not the least of these is the experience of world class cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures at an affordable price due to favourable exchange rates. Strikingly beautiful, vibrant Cape Town is the preferred location of Plastic Surgery Africa’s Dr Mark van der Velde. Cape Town Mediclinic is home to Cape Town Plastic Surgery. This practice is located in a private clinic at the foot of tranquil Table Mountain. Mediclinic is conveniently close enough to the city centre yet still comfortably tucked away from the city’s bustle.

Dr Mark van der Velde approaches each patient’s requests with care and personal attention. He respects confidentiality and tailors a personalised program to suit each individual’s needs. He has outstanding surgical techniques and his results are comparable to the best plastic surgeons worldwide.
Dr Van der Velde completed both his undergraduate and post graduate training as a Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial Surgeon at The University of Cape Town. He has been in Private Practice since 2005. Additionally he works as Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Congenital Hands Clinic Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Rondebosch, Cape Town. He is a member of APRASSA (The Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons of Southern Africa), ISAPS (The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), HPCSA (The Health Professional Council of South Africa), SASSH (The South African Society for Surgery of the Hand) and BIGOSA (The Breast Interest Group of South Africa).
Dr Van der Velde will not offer surgery to patients who he feels are unfit for a surgical procedure or who have unrealistic expectations. Being mindful of a patient’s needs, he is a big proponent of the synergism that can be achieved with a team approach. He regularly consults fellow Plastic Surgeons, other surgical disciplines, Physicians,  Anaesthetists, Neurologists, Therapists and Integrative Practitioners.

In addition to Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive Hand Surgery, Skin Cancer Surgery and Breast Reconstructive Surgery, Mark also offers Migraine Surgery to selective Neurologist screened patients.

Mark favours an honest, no nonsense approach and will always honour his promise to achieve his goal of ‘a happy patient’.

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