Breast implant surgery continues to be one of the leading surgical procedures undertaken by women.1,2 Despite the introduction of techniques such as lipomodeling,3 breast implants continue to be the standard for breast augmentation.2 Eurosilicone S.A.S., a leading European manufacturer of breast implants, undertook a prospective large-scale implant study for both aesthetic and reconstructive indications, the first of its kind to be published on European women.

Recent events have highlighted the need for surgeons to provide high-quality implants for their patients. Eurosilicone’s Conformité Européene (CE)-marked silicone breast implants are subject to the highest level of examination and quality. Each Eurosilicone breast implant is manufactured using long-term implantable medical-grade silicone from NuSil Technologies, an ISO 9001-certified supplier with more than 25 years’ experience manufacturing biocompatible silicone-based materials for healthcare. These class III devices meet the requirements of European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC as amended 2007) and other international government agencies including Therapeutic Goods Administration and Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária.

Eurosilicone S.A.S., a GC Aesthetics company, offers a host of aesthetic and reconstructive solutions for the modern-day plastic surgeon. Eurosilicone is an independent manufacturer, producing more than 200,000 implants per year at its facility in Apt, Vaucluse, France. Eurosilicone’s breast implant designs are provided in a wide range of profiles and sizes in either round or anatomical shapes with smooth or textured surface to meet patient needs. All Eurosilicone breast implants are manufactured using their 360° Paragel barrier encompassing the entire implant while their textured shells also incorporate Eurosilicone’s Cristalline technology.

Currently, Eurosilicone is conducting an ongoing clinical study in France on their Cristalline Paragel range of mammary implants and presents their 5-year data herein. Eurosilicone’s Cristalline Paragel range of round and anatomical textured silicone gel–filled mammary implant designs received their CE mark in 1997 and are used exclusively in this study.