Operating Theatres

The Cosmetic Surgery Institute is a licensed facility with fully equipped operating theatres. Since it is a dedicated cosmetic surgery clinic, the equipment is specialised for the specific surgeries performed. Once you’ve had a surgical procedure, you will be taken care of by staff who are highly experienced in post-operative treatment.


Our surgeons have consulting rooms on the premises, so the surgeon who is treating you will usually be very close by, while round-the-clock nursing staff are always on duty. We have 3 double rooms (6 beds) for recovery and day patients. For patients who stay overnight, or for several nights, there are 6 overnight beds in double rooms (two beds per room) with en-suite bathrooms. A private room may be arranged if requested.

Most patients stay at least one night, depending on what type of surgery they have. Patients that have had extensive surgery, like breast surgery or abdominoplasty often stay for several nights.

We outsource to the many local restaurants in the area, so there is a wide choice of menu items available, delivered throughout the day and till late at night.

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Enhancing your appearance can have wonderful positive effects on your self-esteem, confidence and happiness.
It’s an empowering decision that is yours to make, and we are here to help you reach that dream.



Words can not describe how thankful I am that I chose to fly from Australia to South Africa to have my life-changing surgery. I now have a perfect tummy!! You and your team made me feel I was in great hands through the whole process. Thank you for all the kindness that you and your office staff showed me through all the long-distance calls and numerous emails, even the follow-up visits after my surgery. You are a great team and made the whole process very special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous1, None

Just to tell you that I am so happy with what you have done on me and that you are an amazing artist! I don’t feel much pain and I feel good about myself now! Thank you once again!

Anonymous2, none

This is just a tiny way to let you know what a MASSIVE impression you have had on my life. I was able to go on holiday in December and go swimming at the beach! In April I am going to do everything you can do in Mauritius! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and happy tears in my eyes. I will forever be grateful

Anonymous3, none

A year ago you patched up Nina and the result is really very good! We as a practice were very appreciative of your service to our patients. We like it that you write reports – 5 stars for that and our patients are always happy. That says a lot these days.
Doctors Rooms on Kloof.

Anonymous4, none

You have given me support, such compassion, and reassurance, I could not have found such expertise and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and your family. Fran.

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Thank you for your expert surgery and your gentle approach to what was for me a traumatic experience to experience again after a 22-year break. I am pleased that I chose the reduction route. Warm wishes and thank you again, Di.

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I’m really grateful for the love and kindness you have shown me. All the planning, operations, going the extra mile in order for me to get my life back. May god continue to bless the works of your hands. Many thanx, Perceive.

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Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job on my face! You are a truly great person. Thanks for your contribution to SA Education.
God bless you, Irene

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Thank you so very much for all your kindness and for fixing me up. For procedures that require your dignity to be left far behind – thank you for handling it with laughter and grace. The effects are truly life changing and I am forever grateful!

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Thank you for helping me walk this part of my journey. You are an artist, an amazing surgeon and an awesome person. Thank you for helping me be ‘whole’ again.

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Thank you for being kind and compassionate and very patient. I am so happy that I decided to go with reconstruction and am happy that my ‘girls’ are in such safe hands. With gratitude, Mirna.

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