Surgery for congenital hand differences?

Congenital (birth) hand differences can often be improved with surgery. Children are amazingly adaptive and learn to do things differently when born with hand defects, or differences as we prefer to call them. But, we can make a huge difference in their lives by improving the function of their hands and feet with surgery. Not [...]

Surgery for congenital hand differences?2021-04-09T17:02:11+02:00

Surgery to treat infection or rheumatic conditions?

Infection and rheumatic conditions of the hand requiring surgery should be performed by a specialist hand surgeon. Absess drainage or removal of dead/contaminated tissue: Hand infections may require surgery. An abscess may need to be drained to remove pus or, in more severe cases, debridement may be used to remove dead or contaminated tissue. This [...]

Surgery to treat infection or rheumatic conditions?2021-03-24T18:01:23+02:00

Other complications

There are other complications that can occur. Be sure to discuss any concerns you may have with me during the consultation, especially if you have a history of complications. Anaesthetic related complications – feel free to discuss these with any of the anaesthesiologists that I use in my practice. Local anaesthetic complications Deep Venous Thrombosis [...]

Other complications2021-05-18T10:18:22+02:00

Surgery related complications

The surgery related complications mentioned below may necessitate a return to the operating room. Bleeding Infection Seroma Perfusion (blood supply) problems

Surgery related complications2021-05-18T09:51:44+02:00

Patient related complications

Certain people have a higher risk of patient related complications, notably infection and perfusion (blood supply) problems. For example: Diabetics Patients on steroids and other immunosuppressant medication Patients who are immunocompromised Smokers Patients with Heart Disease and Vasculopathies Hypertension A history of previous surgery in the area Obese Patients

Patient related complications2021-05-18T10:21:58+02:00

What is the risk of burn surgery?

The biggest risk of burn surgery is an infection at the surgical site. Look out for changes and let me know if you have any of the following symptoms: White pimples or blisters around the incision lines. An increase in redness, tenderness, or swelling. Occasionally, a small amount of bloody or clear yellow-tinged fluid may [...]

What is the risk of burn surgery?2021-05-28T12:24:49+02:00

What to expect after burn surgery?

After burn surgery you can expect to be given post-surgery instructions to follow. This is very important in order to obtain the best possible outcome both in terms of functional healing and physical appearance. You will have follow-up appointments after burn surgery to assess your long-term results and address any questions or concerns. Recovery time [...]

What to expect after burn surgery?2021-05-28T12:38:45+02:00

How to prepare for burn surgery?

To prepare for burn surgery, you may be asked to stop smoking for 2 – 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Nicotine retards the healing process, and quitting for as long as possible before surgery helps improve blood flow. You might also have to have a blood test before surgery is performed. During the consultation [...]

How to prepare for burn surgery?2021-05-28T12:52:43+02:00

What is the procedure for burn surgery?

The procedure for burn surgery is first to assess the goals.  The goals of reconstructive burn surgery should be to improve both the function and the cosmetic appearance of burn scars. This involves altering scar tissue, with both non-operative and operative treatment. Non-operative therapies might involve scar massage, the use of pressure garments, and or [...]

What is the procedure for burn surgery?2021-05-28T13:01:59+02:00

How to plan for burn surgery?

To plan for burn surgery first make a consultation to come and see me. During the consultation, I will assess your burn scarring and we will discuss your expectations so that you have a good understanding of what can be achieved and what the realistic expectations should be. I will need a full medical history, [...]

How to plan for burn surgery?2021-05-28T12:56:26+02:00


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