The procedures for breast reconstruction have two main techniques: implant reconstruction and skin flap (autologous) surgery.

In an implant reconstruction, I will insert a tissue expander under the skin or muscle. This expander gradually stretches the remaining tissue. After this has healed, I inject saline or saltwater into the expander over several weeks until the breast is the size you’re happy with. At this stage, I will then replace the expanders with a silicone or saline implant.

In skin flap surgery, I will rebuild the breast by transferring tissue from the abdomen or other parts of the body. One technique is free-flap surgery where I will completely remove the tissue (usually from the lower abdomen) and blood vessels and transfer them to the breast. The other technique is pedicle flap surgery, where the tissue transferred remains attached to the body and is rotated into place.

Fat grafting procedures may be needed to iron out contour deformities, soften the reconstruction and build a new nipple. Fat will be harvested by liposuction from areas that you prefer to lose fat. The areola is tattooed by a professional artist dedicated to this type of reconstruction.