After burn surgery you can expect to be given post-surgery instructions to follow. This is very important in order to obtain the best possible outcome both in terms of functional healing and physical appearance.

You will have follow-up appointments after burn surgery to assess your long-term results and address any questions or concerns.

Recovery time will depend on the procedure. In general, skin grafts require 7 to 10 days without any movement of the skin graft. A specialised dressing is used to help the skin graft adhere to the wound and begin healing.

Smaller operations (scar revisions) may only require a soft dressing afterwards.

After scar releases on the hand, you may have a plaster splint for support.

Follow-up visits are normally within two weeks of surgery and stitches may be removed at this time. Additional physical therapy may be required in the weeks and months following surgery to ensure complete recovery of function. We will work together to develop the plan that is best for you.

Be patient with your healing. As you heal your skin colour and appearance will change. You may notice numbness and tingling this is normal. Improvement will continue over the next few months.