Aesthetic flat closure after mastectomy sounds like a valid choice, doesn’t it? Turns out, apparently not.

When women are given the options of what they can do after a mastectomy, normally it is the choice between reconstructing the breast using implants or skin flap surgery. And that’s it. But there is another reconstructive option.

Aesthetic Flat Closure.

It is a misconception to think that if women choose not to rebuild, that they don’t care what they look like. This is not the case. Most patients that choose to go flat do so to avoid additional surgeries, risk, additional pain, expense, and time lost to treatment and recovery. For some, the idea of not having breasts does not bother them. Some even feel flat is beautiful. For some, it is a brave and empowering decision to make.

More women are embracing the decision to have aesthetic flat closure. And, women choosing to go flat after mastectomy deserve to have this option respected, supported, and performed with an aesthetic approach. It is a healthy and valid alternative to reconstruction with implants.

What exactly is Aesthetic Flat Closure?

Aesthetic flat closure is post-mastectomy chest wall reconstruction. After the breast tissue has been removed during the mastectomy, additional work is required to smooth and contour the chest wall. Excess skin is removed, and the clean symmetric incisions are neatly closed to create a smooth, flat chest. Patients who choose this option prefer to have it done at the same time as the mastectomy. The one-and-done approach. However, aesthetic flat closure can also be done at a later stage or after an implant removal.

It’s not for everyone. But for those who are interested in finding out more, visit Not Putting on a Here you can find photo galleries, experiences by women “living flat”, advice, support, brochures, and affiliated sites and social media channels.

It’s your body, your choice, be informed.