What is a Rhytidectomy?

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure to reverse the signs of aging.

As we age our skin loses elasticity and volume causing it to sag. Facial muscles and fat deposits under the skin change too. This procedure reverses the effects of aging by lifting and removing excess skin and repositioning fat deposits in the face, neck, and chin area. I perform various techniques, including the deep plane facelift.

The results of a facelift are a firmer face and neck with fewer folds, creases, and wrinkles and less sagging of cheeks and jowls.

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How to plan for a facelift?2021-06-12T12:01:15+02:00

To plan for a facelift you will need to book a consultation with me to discuss your goals.

During your first consultation, we will discuss your goals and align them to a realistic outcome. This will give you a good understanding of what can be achieved and what your realistic expectations should be.

I will take photos of your face and examine the bone structure, skin texture, and shape of the face. We will discuss the various facial cosmetic surgery options so that you can make an informed decision to go ahead.

What is involved in a facelift procedure?2021-06-12T11:23:39+02:00

My “standard” facelift (deep plane rhytidectomy) involves skin excision and re-draping with a shortening of the SMAS (a tissue layer over the facial muscles). I believe the best results come from concentrating on the finer details:

  • Attention to concealing the scars;
  • Attention to the ear position and occasionally reducing the earlobe size;
  • Avoiding undue pulling on the mouth, thereby avoiding the “face-lift look”;
  • Addressing the neck. This involves dealing with the platysma muscles in the neck and may be combined with conservative liposuction;
  • Micro fat grafting. Facial aging involves the loss of facial fat, so for optimum results fat frequently needs to be replaced as part of a facelift.
How to prepare for a facelift?2021-06-12T11:06:05+02:00

To prepare yourself for a facelift you may be asked to stop smoking for 2 – 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Nicotine retards the healing process, and quitting for as long as possible before surgery helps improve blood flow.

You might also have to have a blood test before surgery is performed.

You should stop taking certain medication, like aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs. You may need to stop taking some vitamins and supplements so be sure to disclose what you are taking. Let your surgeon know whatever medication you use since you may need to adjust these. Avoid recreational drugs.

Be sure to arrange for transport to and from the clinic, since you will not be able to drive yourself after the procedure.

What to expect after a facelift?2021-06-12T11:02:29+02:00

After a facelift, you can expect some bruising and swelling, and discomfort. Drainage tubes are often used for the first 24 hours, to remove fluid and some blood, as well as cold compresses.

Keep the dressing dry for at least 48 hours. The stitches along the incision lines will dissolve on their own. Avoid hot baths, hot tubs for about 6 weeks. Swimming is generally fine after 2 – 3 weeks. Sleep with your head elevated for the first few nights.

Expect to return to work within 1 – 2 weeks and gradually return to normal activities within 4 – 6 weeks. Take it slowly to build back up to your original strength and fitness regime.

Eat soft foods for the first few days after surgery. I will give you a full list of what you can and can’t do as well as when and how to ease into your normal activities.

What are the risks of a facelift?2021-06-12T10:58:52+02:00

The risks of a facelift, as with any surgery, can include a (low) risk of post-operative infection, bleeding, and swelling.

More rare complications can include blood collecting under the skin (haematoma), facial nerve injury and numbness (usually temporary), hair loss near the incision, raised scarring, skin discolouration and skin loss due to interrupted blood supply.


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