Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation2021-05-06T15:59:00+02:00

What is Buttock Augmentation?

A buttock augmentation (gluteal augmentation and lift) is a procedure to increase the size of the butt, its firmness and contour as well as tone the underlying tissue. Another popular name for this procedure is the Brazilian Butt Lift.

A butt lift can have very satisfying results for the patient. A new shapely figure and more satisfying proportions improve self-esteem and confidence.  The buttock, like breast, is a symbol of fertility and sexuality.



How to plan for a butt lift?2021-06-12T12:57:29+02:00

To plan for a butt lift or augmentation book a consultation. During the first consultation, we will investigate whether this surgery is suitable for you.

If you are a suitable candidate we will discuss your expectations so that you have a good understanding of what can be achieved and what the realistic expectations should be.

I will examine your buttocks, assess skin quality, fat distribution, muscle bulk, and tone, and take measurements, paying attention to shape and size. We will discuss your general health status as well as any pre-existing conditions.

There are several procedure options and combinations: Augmentation with implants, fat grafting, liposuction, and buttock lifting. I will suggest the one that is right for you and discuss this procedure.

Please note that you may not sit for 3 weeks so bear this in mind when making travel arrangements.

What is the procedure for a butt lift?2021-06-12T12:54:32+02:00

The procedure for a butt lift varies.

Using implants: I prefer to place the implants intramuscularly (within the gluteal muscles). This decreases the potential complications of nerve damage and implant extrusion. I place one or two scars in the natal crease so that it remains fairly well hidden.

Using fat grafting: Liposuction will be performed through small incisions using a thin tube to dislodge and vacuum fat. After this fat has been processed it is transferred back into the body in the buttock area at specific angles and in carefully planned areas. This helps to avoid fat embolism into the large veins, a rare but dangerous complication of buttock fat grafting.

A buttock lift: This may require many incisions depending on how much skin needs to be removed. The incisions made will be in the least visible place when wearing a costume.

Liposuction may be performed just below the waist area as part of the procedure.

Deep sutures are used to help shape the new contours.

How to prepare for a butt lift?2021-06-12T12:50:14+02:00

To prepare for a butt lift or augmentation surgery, you may be asked to stop smoking for 2 – 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Nicotine retards the healing process, and quitting for as long as possible before surgery helps improve blood flow.

You might also have to have a blood test before surgery is performed.

You should stop taking certain medication, like aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs. You may need to stop taking some vitamins and supplements so be sure to disclose what you are taking. Let your surgeon know whatever medication you use since you may need to adjust these. Avoid recreational drugs.

Be sure to arrange for transport to and from the clinic, since you will not be able to drive yourself after the procedure.

What to expect after a butt lift?2021-06-12T12:47:20+02:00

After a butt lift or augmentation, you can expect immediately noticeable results, however, it may take up to 6 months to see the full result. Scars can take up to 2 years to fade and some may remain. The results are long-lasting as long as you remain a stable weight and maintain your fitness level. Aging will affect firmness in time. Drains will be required for 1 to 3 days.

If you had a fat transfer, you may have to wait up to 4 months to see the final results. Because some fat will be reabsorbed by your body.

Occasionally extra surgery is required.

Avoid sitting for long periods for at least 3 weeks so as not to damage the fat or implants. When you do sit, use a cushion behind your legs to help to raise the buttocks and take pressure off the fat grafts or implants.

Sleep on your side or face down, avoid squatting or stretching your buttock muscles, and be careful when bending over. You should wait about six to eight weeks before returning to your regular exercise routine and then do so gradually.

There will be swelling, bruising, and discomfort which is normal and will be controlled with prescribed pain medication. This should subside in 2-3 weeks.  Recovery will take up to 2 weeks but avoid strenuous activities for 6 – 8 weeks.

What are the risks of a butt lift?2021-06-12T12:43:19+02:00

The risk of a butt lift surgery, as with any surgery, is a (low) risk of post-operative infection, bleeding, and swelling.

Some risks and side effects include pain, scarring, wound dehiscence, allergic reactions, skin loss, and skin discoloration. There may also be fluid or blood accumulation, and asymmetry due to fat absorption. There is also a risk of the silicone implants slipping out of place and correcting this may involve further surgery.

Your surgeon will discuss all the risks with you before the procedure.

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It’s an empowering decision that is yours to make, and we are here to help you reach that dream.



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