During the procedure for scar revision, I may use a single technique or a combination of techniques to get the best results.

Scar revision techniques may include :

  • Fat and stem grafting.
  • Topical treatments using tapes, gels, or external compression.
  • Injectable dermal fillers and steroidal-based compounds.
  • Surface treatments for cosmetic scar reduction, like dermabrasion, laser or light therapy, chemical peels and skin bleaching.
  • Surgical removal of scars, which will require an incision and, in some cases, a layered closure of the incision.
  • Some scars need advanced techniques, which include complex flap closure to reposition the scar.
  • Severe burn scars may require pharmaceutical tissue substitutes.
  • Tissue expansion is sometimes used instead of skin grafts. The stretched skin is used to replace the scarred area.