The mentoplasty procedure is performed under general anaesthetic.

I will begin by cutting along the gum of the lower lip and separating it from the chin bone.

If you are having a chin reduction, a wedge of bone will be cut out and removed. For a chin reshaping, a wedge of bone will be cut and repositioned with a screw and possibly a metal plate to keep it secured. If you are having your chin moved forward, I will create a “step” in the bone.

The incision is stitched closed, and compression tape is placed on the outside of your mouth and chin for protection.

For a chin implant, an incision is made inside your mouth or under your chin and an implant, which has been sculpted to the right shape, inserted. The implant is secured to the bone with screws and the incision is stitched closed.

Occasionally fat alone is all that is required for a small augmentation.