The procedure for a butt lift varies.

Using implants: I prefer to place the implants intramuscularly (within the gluteal muscles). This decreases the potential complications of nerve damage and implant extrusion. I place one or two scars in the natal crease so that it remains fairly well hidden.

Using fat grafting: Liposuction will be performed through small incisions using a thin tube to dislodge and vacuum fat. After this fat has been processed it is transferred back into the body in the buttock area at specific angles and in carefully planned areas. This helps to avoid fat embolism into the large veins, a rare but dangerous complication of buttock fat grafting.

A buttock lift: This may require many incisions depending on how much skin needs to be removed. The incisions made will be in the least visible place when wearing a costume.

Liposuction may be performed just below the waist area as part of the procedure.

Deep sutures are used to help shape the new contours.