After breast reconstruction surgery expect to have bandages covering the incisions. An elasticated support garment should be worn to assist healing. You may have a small drainage tube under the skin.

Some pain and discomfort is normal but your prescribed pain medication will help. Apart from pain or discomfort in the breasts, if you have had skin flap surgery, you may experience some abdominal pain too, or pain at the site from which the tissue was removed. Deep breathing will be difficult but a physiotherapist will give advice as to how to treat this.

You will be advised on how to look after yourself while healing, how and when to take medication, and what to look out for.

Recovery time will depend on the type of reconstruction but most patients can resume normal activities within 6 – 8 weeks. Movement, such as lifting your arms above your head, should be restricted until you have recovered. Physiotherapy is highly recommended. Avoid vigorous activity and exercise and try not to put pressure on the incision area. Be slow and gentle in resuming your normal activities.