After surgery to remove skin cancer expect to have dressings covering the wounds. You will be advised on how to treat the area and you may have stitches that will need to be removed.

The recovery will depend on the type of surgery.

There is a chance of some pain and discomfort but your prescribed medication will help.

Wait 24 – 48 hours before showering as instructed. Keep the wound dry. Avoid any vigorous activity or exercise while healing, and take care not to put any excessive force or pressure on the incision or on skin graft areas. If you have had a skin graft, the healing period will be longer.

There is a chance that the scar will larger than anticipated since lesions can have extensions and roots not visible on the surface.

If you have had skin cancer there is a chance of more. Get regular check-ups.

Protect your skin from the sun, use high-factor sunblock when outdoors. Avoid sun exposure between 11 am and 3 pm. Wear a hat outdoors and close-weave cotton clothing.