We are constantly reminded of how we look

Despite fillers and Botox topping the list, for an instant, fresh-faced fix, cosmetic surgeries are also on the rise especially in the younger generations of males and females. These days it seems every event is recorded and shared publicly and we are constantly reminded of how we look.

It’s no secret that social media has a strong influence on self-esteem. We are continually connected to celebrity images of perfection. Flawless faces, smooth contours and appealing curves, interspersed with ads and channels to show us how to look more beautiful. We compare ourselves to others and judge ourselves by the feedback of likes and comments.

This fuels the quest to fix our self-perceived imperfections. And, if we can’t get the results we want with Botox and fillers, we turn to surgery for more dramatic and long-lasting results.

But is it all bad?

The trend to use filters and apps, to change and soften features in the digital world, points to an obsession with how we look. These digitally enhanced images show us how we might look with some aesthetic adjustments. Thus, the appeal of looking good on and off camera finally motivates our desire for more permanent physical change.

There has been a big increase in patients arriving for consultations with selfies, taken with filters, to show their surgeon the results they would like to achieve. The obvious problem here is unrealistic goals. The advantage though, is the alignment of expectations between patient and doctor. These images gives the doctor can idea of what the patient’s is hoping to achieve with surgery and, if the goals are not possible, can help the patient realign their expectations to something more attainable.

So, yes, it is likely that social media has increased the demand for plastic surgery. But it has also given us access to information. We can read about personal experiences, view before and after images, compare options of surgical and non-surgical procedures, prepare ourselves financially, and plan for the recovery time needed. All this information helps us make more informed decisions.

At the end of the day, the choice remains our own, and mostly those who decide to embrace this change feel empowered by their decision.

If you are considering a surgical procedure, do your research! Make sure you consult a qualified and trusted surgeon that specialises in plastic surgery. Start by contacting us for a consultation.

Want to know more?

Enhancing your appearance can have wonderful positive effects on your self-esteem, confidence and happiness.
It’s an empowering decision that is yours to make, and we are here to help you reach that dream.